They Will Only Be Babies Once...

Create a memory that lasts. 

NO MESS, NO STRESS –  Baby Print Co. Kit offers no-mess ink for a clean, easy, seamless experience. Once your little one has left their mark on the page, there's zero residue left on their feet or hands.

Create Priceless Memories

The new easy way to get cute memories! This ink Pad makes it so you can take your little ones hand and foot prints without the ink touching their skin. If you are a parent you may have already tried the standard way by painting your babies feet. We speak from experience when we say it gets messy... Ink everywhere - furniture ruined, baby crying, and parents tearing their hair out... you get the point.

With The Baby Print Co. Kit it takes seconds and there is no need for clean up! 


(each pad will give up to 6 quality prints, but they get lighter as you continue to use them)

" The Baby Print is such an ingenious idea, I tried the traditional way first by just painting Lucy's feet and she cried the whole time... So i tried this. not a single fuss it was so easy and it is so cute! "

- Amy G.

" Such a fun easy idea! I did both foot and hand prints and they turned out so cute! Thank you :) "

- Anna Little

" I have bought one of these for each of my friend's children. She loves them and says that it is easy to use with no mess. It is now my go-to gift for new moms. "

- Jessica W.

" I love it! No mess since it's inkless and I've used the same pad for baby's book and other things. Thanks! "

- Finn W.


Easily create and frame your baby's precious prints with our easy to use "No-Mess" Baby Print Ink Pad's ensuring your baby's skin never touches the ink.

           👣 Includes: 1 Clean-Touch Ink Pad & Paper.

           📏 Size (Ink Pad Area): 9.5cm L x 5.5cm W.

           🌱 Baby Safe (Ink never touches them). 

DELIGHT MOM-TO-BE AT BABY SHOWERLeave the onesies to other guests and give a gift they will remember and thank you for, in years to come. The baby will never grow out of it, after all! Attractive unique package design makes it perfect for gift-giving.